Some may know but Bolton Barbershop Harmony club has been a charity for some years now. Our activities are to advance the education of members and the public in all aspects of music in the barbershop style of unaccompanied four-part close harmony, in both chorus and quartet. further any other charitable purpose recognised as exclusively charitable in accordance with the law in England and Wales. For the most part this means that we do what we do in terms of singing and making sure our members have access to learning materials and high quality coaching.

But as a chorus we made a decision to do what we can in the community beyond the realms of singing and our art form. We want to try and make a difference other than further our cause, so we decided to look for a charity to support. For the past couple of years, we have asked our members to find a meaningful charity where we can really make a difference.

It just so happens that one of our members Joe Cunningham chanced upon Wipe your tears. In 2003 Damian McCoy watched a TV program about the plight of unwell children in the UK and the effects that serious illness has on their loved ones. From that moment Wipe your tears was born with the aim of making a difference to children’s lives. Their mission statement is simple: “If you wipe your tears, we will make you smile”

So through making children’s lives easier on hospital wards, through medical equipment, help for parents or just a simple gift – Wipe your Tears just wants to put that smile back.

At our AGM in September, Joe Cunningham proposed the motion that Wipe Your Tears be our nominated charity in 2016. This was unanimously voted in favour by our membership. The result of which is we will do our best to fund raise for Wipe Your Tears over the next 12 months. This starts with simple collections at our singouts (where appropriate) and regular donations from the chorus.

If you want to help Wipe your Tears then please consider a donation at