The World Famous Voice Test Challenge

Are you a good UK based Male singer, thinking about joining a chorus or a choir? Are you up to the Voice Test Challenge to find out if you have the kind of voice the Cottontown Chorus are looking for? It is not a hard challenge, simply record a few lines (or the whole thing?) of a song you are confident singing. This will help gauge your capability. We’re not looking for perfection, just your ability to sing. We do provide training and can help you get the most of your voice.

The fact that you are on this page, means you probably have the talent, we just need to find you!

Every test is submitted in confidence and you can review and re-record your vocal as many times before you send it. You have 3 minutes to record – sing us a song!

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What’s next?

Your submission will be reviewed in confidence and one of the team will get back to you with how you did! Are you up to the challenge? Know someone within local distance to Bolton, who may be up to the Cottontown chorus Vocal Test Challenge?

Give it a try!

What have you got to lose?

Small Print

Powered by SpeakPipe, available on IOS, Android and compatible with most modern browsers and computers. Microphone required to submit audio, submissions accepted from the North West UK. Due to popularity, there may be a delay in evaluation*. Voice Test is for male vocal submissions only, no purchase is necessary. A strict filtering process is on place to filter profanity and terrible attempt to inject bizarre humour by submitting a recital of a joke. Submissions are limited to 3 minutes, sing a song you know and are confident to sing. We look for ability and capability so be comfortable in your performance. If you can consider keeping in pitch and singing as wonderful as you can. Submission requires a valid email address and submission of name so evaluation can be returned. Most people can do this so the only person holding you back is you. *No warranty is implied sometimes we can’t always respond.