We’re raising funds to support our trip to Las Vegas to represent Great Britain at the International Barbershop Convention this July.

We are looking for active people to sell our raffle tickets…so you don’t have to buy anything. Just complete the simple form on the link below and we will send you some books of Tickets.

(Minimum 4 books or £20 worth) then all you have to do is to flog them to your club at £1 a ticket each or £5 per book!

As we are a charity we do accept charitable donations and really appreciate any help that could be offered?

If you can sell some tickets at your club, choir or workplace then please do not hesitate in completing the form. We will whizz the tickets to you complete with information on how to record sales and obviously how to send payment it. That’s it!

Prizes are 1st £750, 2nd £250 and 3rd prize is £175

The good news is we did a limited print run and that means any ticket purchased has a better chance of winning than your weekly lottery!

So please if you can support us, please complete the online form and we will pop them in the post!

Now the legal bumpf: Cottontown Chorus or the Bolton Barbershop Harmony Club is a charity registered in England No: 1099928. This raffle is and our promoter is registered under L&A Act 1976 by the Bolton Council.

Thank you for your time.

Click Here to order your tickets