30th of September and 7th of October at 7:30 until 9:00 pm at Turton school Bolton, we are running learn to sing courses – with a twist.

Learn to sing courses are designed to help those who want to try out singing for the first time or make a welcome return. This course is part of a nationwide initiative by the British Association of Barbershop Singers, who quote “You will learn within a group, which makes it less daunting. And, very importantly, you do not have to be able to read music.” You can read up more about the initiative here.


This is the Cottontown Chorus and we love to do things with a twist and whilst we have a diverse array of arrangements in our current repertoire, from traditional barbershop to more contemporary arrangements. We thought it would be great to learn a new arrangement for this learn to sing course.


Whilst other learn to sing courses are perhaps singing more traditional arrangements and seeing as we are renowned for our covers of Queen, Michael Jackson and Meatloaf rock tracks – we decided to throw a brand new rock arrangement at course attendee’s and our existing members.

We are running learn to sing course over two nights, this will be the first time the chorus will have attempted the track. So you will be at the same stage as the rest of the guys on the risers, who will only have access to the learning material at the same time as course attendees. So you really get to experience the learning process. However – we think you may know this particular track!

So if you want to learn to sing and begin the process of learning and singing a song with the Cottontown Chorus, then register on the BABS Learn to sing website here and you will be contacted by our webmaster who will give you access to the Cottontown Chorus Learn to sing learning environment.

Further details about the track to be revealed…