Learn To Sing Barbershop
Often people think about Barbershop and they think it is all blazers and straw hats. This is so far from the truth and whilst there are many traditions with Barbershop singing, things have moved on. So perhaps now is the time for you to think about joining a barbershop choir? How about joining The Cottontown Chorus? As you can probably glean from our website and other places like Youtube, we are all about the singing.

The Bolton Barbershop Harmony Club to use our full title is about singing, performing, great friendships and occasionally competing at a National and International level. In fact we love that bit, but everything we do is with an overtone (pun intended) of fun. You will always see a glint of humour in our eyes. Unless we sing a sad song and the audience knows to bring a tissue when that happens. We sing unaccompanied in the Barbershop Style, which is all about four part harmony and technique (and not showing it). There is some other stuff about breathing connected with resonance but that’s enough for now!

Learning to sing and joining The Cottontown Chorus is not as daunting as it sounds and you get great support from the team. I know because I have recently gone through the process. The Cottontown Chorus consists of everyday fellows like you and I who stem from all walks of life. The thing we share and binds us together in harmonious brotherhood, is a love of music and some of us it’s about the performance. We even have a guy who moonwalks and does all sorts of moves that gets the ladies going, this is not a prerequisite of new members. But when all the competing and performing is done, we have a fabulous hobby that gives us as much joy as the effort we put in.

So why not visit us at Turton High School (t:mac Turton High School Media Arts College Post Code: BL7 9LT) on a Tuesday evening between 7:30 and 10pm. Come and see what we are about, new members are always welcome!

art: Dale Thompson