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With over 40 years of performance under our belts, we can cater for every type of event if you are looking to book something a bit…let’s say special. All the awards, hard work and effort the chorus goes through practising, is all about that one moment. That one moment in time when we can seize your train of thought, that one moment when we can make you gasp with sheer delight. We practice to perform, our awards are by-products of meeting basic requirements of technique. Our passion is performance. Sharing a moment of delight with you is what we are about. We use our love of performance to tell stories which enthral and entertain.

A fine bunch of men!

We perform songs and arrangements which transcend time and culture. All unaccompanied (no backing track, Japanese drummers we don’t even read music, it is all in our heads and well-rehearsed!). This is four part A cappella  you are about to book.

A heady mix of male vocal parts who take excruciating pride and attention to detail in their singing. This is a mixture of talent and teamwork working together to bring you some of the most unique live music you can ever experience. Those four voice parts mix together to ring chords that will raise your heart rate, bring out your goose bumps, make you smile, laugh and cry. This is a chorus of men who will reach into your heart and occupy your mind.

Our stirring ballads tease of times gone past, when love was unrequited or lament over the joys of being human. Be prepared to let us take over and our souls pour into yours.

Conversely our up-tempo pieces are designed to entertain at the highest level. Performance is our art and we use every technique available to share these moments with you. Techniques that although visible are transparent enough for you to be drawn into the story we are telling. The conversation we are having and the joy we have for our music.

Never taking life too seriously, the chorus has an unwritten but well documented edgy side. Regardless of your event we will balance to proceedings to ensure that you experience the full extent of emotions open to you.

As well as sharing a tender moment with us, you will be filled with wonder and excitement, we like to party, we like to dance, and we love to entertain.

Be entertained…

But at the end of the day, if you just want a choir to sing for you, then you have your options. But if you really want a special memory for your event. Then book us using the form below.

Complete our booking form for unique corporate entertainment – available throughout the North West, Manchester and Beyond (subject to travel arrangements on longer distances from Bolton).

We have performed in spaces such as School Halls, Theatres, Churches, Convert Venues, Pubs, Clubs, Bingo Halls, The MGM Grand In Las Vegas, The RNCM in Manchester and other locations.

What do you get when you book the chorus?

  • On average a minimum of 40 singers
  • Under the direction of our Musical Director
  • Usually 2 x 20 minutes sets
  • We cater our set list to your event
  • We do have an extensive Christmas Set List

What do we require?

  • Space for our risers (The things we stand on)
  • We generally do not sing outside (but ask us all the same)
  • We can provide smaller groups
  • We will need changing space for the chorus
  • We do not want Blue M&M’s or anything special
  • We will need access to fresh water and perhaps a brew!

What does booking the chorus cost?

This varies. But you will find it compares with most entertainment. Get in touch and we will give you a quote.

Types of Booking

  • Concerts
  • Stage Shows
  • Arts Festivals
  • Festivals
  • Weddings
  • Corporate Dinners
  • Christmas Parties
  • Masonic Functions

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