Thinking about singing in Bolton? March the 5th (Wonderers are away at Brentford) is the day of our Acappella Workshop. The workshop is open to males and females from 12 years old. Running from 10 am to 4 pm the workshop will enable attendees to experience mixed 4-part harmony and unaccompanied singing.

Tell me more about the day?

The Acappella Workshop is about singing and accessing quality vocal coaching, some may just want to sing with a group – other just want the experience and to sing a good song? Who knows what happens next, if you want to sing more then we have access to brilliant coaches from around the world and our own expertise is perfect for taking up singing as a hobby or perhaps taking your singing to the next level? The Acappella Workshop is supported by members of Bolton’s Cottontown Chorus who will help you get through the day to a final performance. Each vocal section will be headed up by a member of an accomplished barbershop quartet, who themselves are educated vocalists and really know what noises should come out of your head! Depending on experience of the singers some of the subjects we will cover will include breathing, support, vowel placement and exercises to support the performance of the workshop song.

What is Acappella?

A bit like Pitch Perfect (If you have seen the film) there is no musical accompaniment to acappella singing. The music is all about human voice. The word Acappella derives from A cappella which is Italian for “manner of the chapel” and is specifically about group or solo singing without instrumental accompaniment. If you have not seen the Pitch Perfect films, they follow college choirs from rehearsals to acappella competitions. In the films, often the music just happens and they appear to sing complex musical arrangements without any rehearsal and ‘pitch perfect’ at that. In the real world, to perform and compete with an arrangement successfully there is a requirement for knowing your voice part and then rehearsing with the other voice parts to ensure the end result is a suitable judge/crowd pleasing ‘combined’ sound. That said in a short period of time it is possible to get a group of people together to sing a song with some degree of success. So our Acappella Workshop is taking the challenge of assembling a group of strangers together on a Saturday Morning in Bolton to get them to experience acapella.

We provide a set of audio tracks to help you learn the workshop song as it is split into 4 parts. These will be sent to you once you have booked. We do ask you which part you will sing. You also get the full mix so you get to hear what the whole song sounds like with all parts singing in harmony.

If you want to get a head start book today and start learning your part.

Acappella not Barbershop

Pitch Perfect musical director and arranger Deke Sharon (Some say he is the godfather of modern a cappella), refers to Barbershop as the black belt of A cappella. Barbershop singing in its purest form is acappella, unaccompanied 4 part harmonies that are designed to match and extend the sound that is made and heard. Hearing harmonies rung by a Barbershop Quartet or a chorus is mesmerising, it is even better when you are making the sound that causes those harmonies. The arrangement we will be working with on the Acappella Workshop is All of me by John Legend, as arranged by Deke Sharon, whilst it is not a Barbershop arrangement, we consulted with Deke to get his opinion on the best song for a mixed singing workshop and he suggested it. Whilst Cottontown Chorus spends most of its time practicing the barbershop style as a multi award winning competing chorus, we are pleased to sing more popular entertaining arrangements.

John Legend – All of me (original version)

Who is the Acappella Workshop for?

The workshop is perfect for anyone who is male or female aged 12 years old and above who sings. Any member of Bolton’s schools, colleges and the University, students, teachers, Mums and Dads to anyone in the local Bolton community or traveling distance to Bolton. If you have desire to sing and want to try out acappella singing, then this really is a great start for you. Or it could be a change from your existing choir or other singing past time. The coaching and help you will get on the day makes the cost worth it. The cost is £10 for the first adult booking and £5 for subsequent bookings on the same transaction. Students from Turton School and Bolton Education establishments just pay £5. We would love for students to bring their Mums and Dads- come as couple or a family!

We do not care what level of a singer you think you are, come and make a noise that loosely matches everyone else – we can work with you! If you sing a lot, then you will simply love the workshop – it will add to your singing skill set and perhaps help you moving forward with your singing career.

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